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  • Introduction

    Online Support are responsible for any technical issues encountered whilst dealing with most of the Legal Aid Agency’s systems*. The team will try to find a solution to general user errors or refer any technical issues to our external support partners.

    The team can be contacted by telephone on 0300 200 2020 (option 3), via the web chat link below or you can email: 

    If the web chat function shows as being ‘busy’ this means there are no agents available, however, you can still call or email us using the information above.

    *Please use the email addresses below for queries in relation to CCCD and the new ‘Apply’ system:



    The CWA Bulk Load spreadsheet provides an alternative and more efficient way to upload your case outcomes, rather than entering them line-by-line directly into CWA. If you do not have a compatible case management system that produces a file to bulk load, you can input them onto the spreadsheet and then create a .csv file. You can enter civil (legal help), criminal (crime lower), and/or mediation data for the same office account number on the same spreadsheet; there are different sections for each category of law.

    If you only have new matter starts to report, and no completed controlled work to submit, please enter the new matter starts directly into CWA via a nil submission. It is not possible to bulk load a file without outcome data.

  • Civil application fixer service

    Following a successful pilot, our Civil Application Fixer service is now available for all firms to use if they believe the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) has made a mistake in processing their application/ amendment / means assessment on CCMS.

    What is fixer?

    The application fixer service works in a similar way to the well-established civil claim fix service and should only be used when you believe the LAA has made an error.

    The LAA has developed this process in response to the decision-making survey run by the LAPG and subsequent joint working to improve decision making.

    The email address is

    When to use fixer:

    The application fixer aims to correct errors made by the LAA at the earliest possible opportunity. If you believe we have made an error, please email fixer detailing the case reference and why you believe an error has been made. We will only review the decision based on the information submitted originally – if you wish to include additional information you will need to use the appeal route.

    Examples of issues the fixer process can be used for:

    • an application incorrectly rejected / refused
    • if you believe information provided has not been considered in the decision
    • asked for documents or information that have already been provided
    • not granted the cost limit requested when delegating
    • where COVID-19 contingency arrangements have not been followed

    This list is not exhaustive – we will look at anything where a mistake has been made by the LAA based on the original information – it is not an appeal or review route.

    We are aiming to review submissions within 24 hours - Monday to Friday – if we agree there has been an LAA error we will rectify the error at the earliest opportunity.

    If we believe based on the information provided the decision was correct, we will notify you that you need to follow the appeal and review route for challenging a decision.

    Initial feedback of the service shows that it saves time during the initial decision-making process and reduces the number of appeals.

    Your law firm or organisation can start using the application fixer email as of today.

    Please share this information on your channels and through your networks